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Using the Sanding Mandrel.

I use the sanding mandrels to grind, round, and sand the upper inside lips of stone vases. The transition between the flat top and the core-drilled hole is usually sharp and rough or even damaged. The mandrel on a die grinder allows me to shape, sand and polish this area.


  • ALWAYS use an air pressure regulator on the die grinder to control the mandrels speed. Un-supported overspeed will bend the mandrel. Over speed will also cause the abrasive to be torn from the belt's cloth backing faster, especially when using courser grits.
  • Try to support the mandrel against your work piece when starting the die grinder.
  • I use all of my mandrels wet. They last longer and eliminate the dust.
  • When the belt and the abrasive wears out on the top layer, I use the tin snips to cut away the worn belting. Start at the band and cut along the band and then diagonally to the end, leaving new abrasive. Continue using this method until the last rap.
  • When the roll is worn out, cut off the ring and re-use the mandrel.