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           Cut and slot ¼" rod.

          Place square cut end of sanding belt into slot of mandrel. Make sure that it is placed so that the rotation is correct for the die           grinder and the grit is up.

  • Fold and bend the belting at the slot. Slide the ring over the grinder end of the mandrel.
  • Clamp the grinder end of the mandrel with the visegrips trapping the ring.
  • Tightly roll the belting until the roll equals the inside diameter of the ring. If the belting rolls crooky, loosen and then straighten while twisting the mandrel.
  • Cut the belting using a small pair of tin snips or an old pair scissors.
  • While twisting the roll and vicegrips, slide the ring over the belting, enough to contain the belting.Crimp the ring.
  • Take the tin snips and trim the belt from the ring diagonally to remove the flap that sticks out.
  • Use an electric engraving tool to label the grit size on each ring.
  • Color-coding will also work. File or grind any burs on the mandrel that will impede chucking into the die grinder.