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December 13, 2014 3-9 pm on Vashon

 We ain't selling nothing but a damn good time...
(and probably a lot of Michael's jewelry because it's both beautiful and in an accessible price range.)

Anthony Kaufmann of 3000bc Studios joins forces with multimedia artist Cyra Jane and jewelry master Michael Kenney to host the premier stone-centric studio party on Vashon this holiday season! On Saturday, the 13th of December, we're gonna have an all out party starting at 3pm and wrapping up around 9.

Home-made soup! Performers! Art! Music! Maybe Fire!

18531 Beall Road SW.
Vashon, WA

Tony Kaufmann works on monumental and private collection scale stone sculptures, often laminating contrasting beauties like basalt and onyx together to showcase the stone's unique characteristics. His powerful work steeps you in a universal sense of time, engaging the viewer with an awareness of eras from the stone's formation millions of year past through humanity's dawn right into the interaction at the moment. His studio sets a wonderful stage for this evening of artistic celebration.

Cyra Jane has been working in stone for about six years and creates strongly evocative tabletop sculptures incorporating metals and woods. She also paints and will probably sing for you sometime during the night. Her sculptures convey intense psychological/emotional journeys, drawing on dream imagery and a sense of very surreal whimsy. Her studio is also on the grounds, and isn't interesting enough for private tours yet, though you can ask.Cyra Jane

Michael Kenney is a seasoned jeweler who works with stones he hunts down and refines before setting them in finely wrought silver and other precious metals. He has spent decades successfully traversing the art fair circuit, and it shows in the tuned quality of his jewelry. Michael is spearheading the opening of a community bronze foundry here that will house a stone yard and metal fab shop as well.

The party will take place during Vashon’s Studio Tour, during which 65 other studios on the island will be open. Maps are available at local businesses. We will be open with all three artists’ work during the entire tour, Dec 6-7th and 13-14th from 10-5pm. We look forward to seeing you!