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Now that spring is almost on its way and we can be thinking of carving without mittens, let’s celebrate with another issue of Sculpture NorthWest.

We are so pleased to finally have Kentaro Kojima standing in the Artist Spotlight. Showcasing his work has been on our short list for quite a while. In this article, Kentaro shares with us some of the geographical and emotional journeys he has taken…from Guatemala to New York to Seattle… that inform his work as an artist.

And we have two more YouTube video sites for you so you can see how a couple of other artists work stone. One modern carver using chisels and rasps in his back yard. One in an old-school, European shop using a curious looking hand driven drill.

If you were unable to make it to the second round table discussion at Batya Freidman’s Seattle house in January, don’t worry. Ken Barnes went and has provided us with an interesting recounting of the intriguing event with the long name: “What I Say Compared To What I Do – Art(ifacts).”

This year’s Seattle Flower and Garden Show is over again until next January, but Kerin Monika Hawkinson was good enough to recreate it for us in a report from the scene.

Take a moment to sit back and enjoy.

Penelope and Lane