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It has been cold carving for those of us working outside. But warmer days are coming and we’ll all be glad to see them.

The loss, in January, of our good friend Elaine MacKay, has affected us all. In tribute, we are re-running Elaine’s “Artist in the Spotlight” from the May/June 2000 issue. Reading about her art in her own words will allow us a moment to remember her.

And thanks to Kentaro Kojima, we are bringing to you the personal thoughts of two Japanese sculpture students on their week at Suttle Lake symposium. You will see our gathering from a very different perspective as Kamu and Koichiro share with us their exuberant enjoyment of this life changing experience.

Sharon Feeney has been busy, too. Her volunteer effort with four-year-olds from Gig Harbor will charm you and make you wish you could have been there to see her orchestrate their very first joyful encounters with stone sculpture. We should have all been so lucky to get started that early.

And so you don’t forget, the Women’s Spring Stone Carving event is happening in June. This issue includes all the information you need, along with the application form. The industrious Arliss Newcomb will not only be organizing the workshop but also the celebration of her 80th birthday. It’s a party.

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Penelope and Lane