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Email List Server and Discussion groups

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association maintains an email list sever that sends mail to others in the association. This email list is our main way to send and receive email throughout the association.

Anyone on the list can send a message to the whole group. Replies just go to the originator, unless you tell your mail program to reply-all. Then the whole group will receive the message.


NWSSA discussion group mail list

The NWSSA sponsored discussion email list has subscribers mostly in western US and Canada. There are usually over 250 members, mostly people you may have met at one of our symposiums. You can send out an announcement, ask a question, or just make a comment. We are a friendly crowd, even if there isn't much traffic on the list, though sometimes there is a flurry of messages. You don't have to be a member of the association to join. Anyone involved in stone sculpting is welcome (excepting spammers of course).

Subscribing to the NWSSA mail list:

Enter your email address and press the subscribe button:

What happens then:

  1. You will get a confirmation request email from the mail system. You then reply to it to verify that you want to subscribe. (This insures that it is your email address making the request.)
  2. Then, the list administrator will put you on the list.
  3. You will receive an email message welcoming you to the list.

An alternative way to subscribe to the list is to send an email directly to the mail list administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request that your name be added to the NWSSA mailing list.

Unsubscribing and other options

To unsubscribe from NWSSA, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options, go to the subscriber administration page.

Membership Application and Renewal Form

NORTHWEST STONE SCULPTORS ASSOCIATION (to print this form click icon to right)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |  PO Box 27364  Seattle, WA 98165-1864
About us:

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association is a non-profit membership organization serving as a resource for the carving and presentation of stone sculpture. It develops educational opportunities, provides a support system, and facilitates interaction with regional, national, and international communities. Full membership provides: Our regular newsletter Sculpture NorthWest, a link in our web members gallery to your stuff, discounts to workshops and symposiums, Tool discounts from selected providers. In addition, your membership supports: calls to artists, a fun and inclusive environment for all levels of carvers from beginner to master professional, and on-line maintenance of 15+ years of Sculpture Northwest's artist interviews, tool and technique tips, grindopedia, and beginners corner.  

Membership is for one year, starting from date of purchase. 

Please complete sections below:

 Name: _______________________________________________
Street:  _______________________________________________
 City, State, ZIP: _______________________________________________

How may we contact you?

Phone: _______________________________
Email address:

(We need an email address so we can add you to our web membership)

 Please choose the membership level at which you would like to join:

Full Membership - 1 year 

$ 50.00 - Includes subscription to Sculpture NorthWest, a place in our gallery, access to members only web materials, discounts to workshops and symposiums. (Students $35.00 - please attach proof of valid ID: Institution and Student # )

Subscription Only to Sculpture Northwest

$ 35.00  -   Newsletter only - none of the above benefits.


 $ ____________ (Additional tax deductible gifts are sincerely welcome and will support our programs)


$ ___________________

For Credit Card,  Complete & Sign below. We will Contact you by phone to verify your CVV#

Card # _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ Expiration Date: _ _ - _ _ _ _

Signature: _________________________________________________

THANK YOU!  Please send application/renewal form (and if not paying by credit card your check) to:

NWSSA     PO Box 27364     Seattle, WA 98165-1864

About Membership with NWSSA

Cost of Membership is $50.00/year.

teamgranitewedge copy 2

What membership offers:

  • Community of carvers from beginner to professional
  • Fun, inclusive environment for all levels of sculptor
  • Tool discounts from selected providers
  • Access to bi-monthly publication Sculpture NorthWest (hard copy and/or online)
  • Access to members only area of website (includes: 15+ years of Sculpture Northwest, tool and technique tips, member interviews and beginners corner)
  • Access to Grindopedia online tool manual- a work in progress worth reading
  • Participation in members-only group shows
  • Link to your website with brief bio and images on
  • Discount on each of our annual symposiums
  • Calls-to-Artist opportunities
  • Student membership - $35.00

Click HERE  to become a member & HERE to renew. 
To view membership form for printing Click HERE.
Want to see video testimonials? Click HERE