Northwest Stone Sculptors Association

We hope you plan to join us for our LIVE Presentations August 5th-9th 2020!
If you are unable to join in at our scheduled time, the recordings will be available on the forum shortly afterwards.

Wednesday, August 5th 
  12:00 pm Tamara Buchanan  Tool Refreshers on Chisel Use
   2:00 pm Patty McPhee   "Great Women Sculptors You've Never Heard Of"
Thursday, August 6th 
  12:00 pm Tamara Buchanan  Tool Refresher on Angle Grinders
  2:00 pm Joan Rudd  Ceramic Sculpture and Drawing
  6:00 pm Carl Nelson  Better Future For All Project
Friday, August 7th 
  11:00 am John Lafortune  Honeycomb Calcite
  2:00 pm Stephanie Robison  Her own works and a little CSS
  4:00 pm Deborah Wilson  750 lb Jade Lotus
  12:00 am VOTE Please cast your Board of Directors Ballot
Saturday, August 8th 
  11:00 am Tracy Powell  Doves For Peace
  2:00 pm Matt Auvinen  Nike Parapet on the Acropolis
  4:00 pm Michael E. Yeaman  Columbia River Basalt
  6:00 pm   Annual General Membership Meeting
Sunday, August 9th 
  12:00 pm Patty McPhee  Creating a Signature and Branding
  2:00 pm Trevor Contreras  Geology of Pilgrim Firs
  4:00 pm   Closing Event - Campfire