Northwest Stone Sculptors Association

We’re Taking The Symposium Virtual This Year!

DanandMayaFor the week of August 5-9th, 2020, NWSSA has set up a private online forum where we can share videos, pictures, have Q&A discussions, watch live presentations, order tools and t-shirts, and much more.

Live Presentations Click Here to See the Schedule (or watch them later)
  Tracy Powell
  Matt Auvinen
  Michael E. Yeaman
  Tamara Buchanan
  Stephanie Robison
  Deborah Wilson 
  And Others!

You are invited to share
Video tours of your home studios and pictures of what you’re working on.

You can ask questions about tools and techniques or work out issues you’re having with a particular stone.
Private Conversations & Social Zoom Meetings
You can strike up with other carvers and join social Zoom calls in the evenings – perhaps even with multiple campfires. 😊

We’re doing this to bring a sense of togetherness during this time of separation and distance. We all miss each other, and we are missing Stone Camp. Let’s make the most of this and take the week to encourage and inspire each other as only we can!
The minimal cost of $50 per person is to cover software, admin fees, and to bolster the NWSSA general fund to cover our yearly costs like book-keeping, insurance, printing that are usually paid for by symposium fees.